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"My mouth dropped when I discovered I could cure gallstones with no surgery required," Karen told me. Karen was among the million Americans who will get their gallbladder surgically removed in this upcoming year. However, after trying our holistic treatment, Karen saved thousands of dollars, kept her organ, the gallbladder, and never had to worry about being diagnosed with another gallstone.

Most people would agree that the body is a miraculous thing! In fact, scientists are still vexed by how intricate the body is. Modern technology can not match it and scientists think technology never will. Yet, the medical community still believes that various body parts are not needed for proper body functioning. Specifically, gallbladder surgery removes your gallbladder because it is supposedly 'unneeded'? Is this completely true though? Is removing a body organ worth the risk?

The main region where the discomfort is felt is the belly but the symptoms start with agony in the lower back. It starts from the lower back and catches hold of the belly. The agony in a number of cases is sufficiently bad that it induces immobility. The person that has gall stones might be too sick to even stand on his own.

In the article titled Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallstones, you can read about an easy way to detect a stone in the gallbladder. If you persistently experience pain in the right side of your abdomen, specifically in the right under-arm region along with vomiting after a fatty meal, there is very high probability that you have a stone or two growing in your gallbladder.

Gallbladder Disease Symptoms are often confused with heartburn symptoms but knowing more about gallbladder pain and symptoms will help you find out if you are experiencing gallbladder problems and how you can find treatment.

In Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the surgeon makes several small incisions in the abdomen through which instruments and a laparoscope, a tube with a light and a video camera attached, are passed. While viewing the inside of the body by looking at a video monitor the surgeon uses instruments to remove the gallbladder from the liver, bile ducts and other organs. The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. After the surgery the patient can usually go home within a day and can resume normal activities soon after.

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Heart burn: Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the breastbone. The pain often rises in the chest and may radiate to the neck, throat, or angle of the jaw. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is the most common cause of heartburn. The treatment of heartburn depends on the underlying cause. Antacids such as H2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors are effective for gastritis and GERD, the two most common causes of heartburn.